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Management Team

Vector Securities

Head Of Equity Sales

Abbas Jahangir

Head – Equity Sales

Abbas manages a team of 6 dealers serving institutional and high net-worth clients. His past experience includes working as a Research Analyst at Faysal Asset Management. Abbas completed his Masters in Finance and Investment from the University of Nottingham.

 : +9221.3246.0222
   : +92321.211.2070
: abbas.jahangir@vector.com.pk
Iqbal Head – Compliance & Risk Management

Muhammad Iqbal Khan

Head – Compliance & Risk Management

Iqbal is CA Finalist from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and a Graduate from University of Karachi. He has previously served as Audit Manager, PKF FRANTS & CO. Chartered Accountant, a member firm of global firm PKF International.

 : +9221.3246.0222
   : +92345.237.0709
: m.iqbal@vector.com.pk
Head – Operations and Technology

Sayeed A. Siddiqui

Head – Equity Retail Sales

Sayeed manages the Retail Sales Desk at Vector supervising a team of 8 Account Executives. This front-office function includes providing advisory and trade execution support to the serviced and online retail clients. As part of the core Management Team at Vector, Sayeed brings years of invaluable experience having previously at IGI Finex Securities Limited.

 : +9221.35172360,
   : +92333.037.6629
: sayeed.siddiqui@vector.com.pk
Head – Operations and Technology

Suleman R. Maniya

Head – Advisory

Suleman has worked in the fields of Portfolio Management, Equity Research, Product Development, and Risk Management for the past 10 years. He has experience working on both sell-side and buy-side research. He has attended numerous courses on corporate valuation and is passionate in whatever he does.

 : +9221.3517.1396,
   : +92331.239.8884,
: suleman.maniya@vector.com.pk

Vector Capital

Head – Fixed Income Desk

Tariq Jilani

Head – Fixed Income Desk

Tariq manages the over-the-counter (OTC) interbank desk and is assisted by a team of 7 dealers. With over 25 years of experience in the brokerage industry, Tariq has managed to retain a good standing for the company in this highly competitive area.

 : +9221.3517.2310
   : +92300.827.2082
: money@vector.com.pk
Foreign Exchange Desk

Muneer Khan

Head – Foreign Exchange Desk

Muneer manages a team of 7 dealers actively broking the US Dollar and Pak Rupee spot and swap markets. Muneer has 15 years of experience having previously worked with HSBC Pakistan in Global Markets/Treasury as Manager, FX trading. He holds an MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

 : +9221.3517.2310
   : +92314.276.4891
: forex@vector.com.pk
Head – Islamic Finance Desk

Syed Jibran

Head – Operations

Jibran heads the Operations function at Vector where his role includes supervising back office & trade settlements, online trade support, and client support services. His past experience as Manager Operations at IGI Finex Securities has provided him in-depth knowledge of brokerage firm operations, finance, risk management, and online trading.
He is a reliable and proactive member of the core Management Team at Vector with strong interpersonal skills.

 : +9221.32460222
   : +92300.358.0266
: syed.jibran@vector.com.pk