Vector Securities is a financial brokerage firm operating in the financial markets in Pakistan. We provide online and dealer-assisted services to enable our clients manage their investments. Our research reports cover the economy, sectors, listed companies, and financial products. Our client list includes banks, mutual funds, financial institutions, corporations and individuals.


Get live access to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) using our online trading apps or terminals; get real-time quotes to buy or sell listed Pakistani shares. Alternatively, call in and place orders through investment managers dedicated to you. Use our Research portal to get market and company data and tools to analyze them.

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Invest in rupee-denominated government and corporate bonds and other fixed income products. Our fixed income desk caters to banks, mutual funds, and other institutional clients in Pakistan. We will help you set up investment and custodial accounts to enable you to buy, sell and hold conventional and Islamic investment products.


Talk to us about investing in mutual funds in various asset classes to suit your risk and liquidity profile. Mutual Funds are managed by professional fund managers, and we will help you chose the optimum portfolio to meet your investment objectives. These funds are mostly liquid and carry market-based returns and risks.



Access the commodities futures market at the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) through us and trade in gold, silver, oil, rice, and financial futures. Open an online account and access live prices at the PMEX. Various research reports and international commodity trends and prices are available through these online terminals.



Our foreign exchange desk facilitates banks and authorized forex dealers to trade in USD/PKR spot, forwards, and swaps. This OTC interbank market desk caters only to the institutional market authorized by the State Bank of Pakistan to buy/sell foreign exchange in Pakistan.

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Resident Pakistani tax-filing adults can open and operate investment accounts at the local stock exchange. For young first-time retail investors, Sahulat Account offers low documentation access while the more established individuals can open a Regular Account.


Non-Resident Pakistanis can access the stock market through the State Bank approved Roshan Digital Account with commercial banks and approved custodians. Remitted funds (and returns thereon) invested through such accounts are fully repatriable at the prevailing exchange rate.

Online Trading

Open an online account with Vector and trade at the Pakistan Stock Exchange using apps and trading terminals. Invest confidently with live prices and access up-to-date research reports and market-based data.


Assisted Trading

Avail the services of our investment managers, get advice, and place orders on recorded phone lines or on registered email. Experts at our inhouse call center will help you complete account opening documentation.

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Our Research portal is available to our clients who wish to study reports, analyze financials, review historical prices and market data, look into charts and other information on the economy, industries, and listed companies.

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